ULP 5-175 | З Новим роком і Різдвом! – Пісня Скрябіна | Ukrainian Lessons Podcast Season 5

Нехай залишаться в старому році сльози, хвороби і біди… The lyrics of this Ukrainian song are perfect for the New Year wishes this year. Listen to this song from Скрябін in chunks with Anna's explanations in slow Ukrainian in this final Ukrainian Lessons Podcast episode in 2020!

З Новим роком!!!

Season 5 of the podcast is entirely in slow simple Ukrainian. For easier episodes with English, check out our earlier episodes (#01-#80).

Конспект уроку – lesson notes for this episode include:

  • Full transcript of the whole episode in Ukrainian;
  • Vocabulary: translation of more difficult words on the side;
  • 10 useful sentences: table of sentences with English translation;
  • 4 bonus exercises to practice lesson’s vocabulary and structures.

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