ULP 3-112 Майстер-клас з приготування вареників – How to cook varenyky + Imperative mood of the second person plural

Любите вареники? Learn how to cook varenyky together with Khrystyna in a workshop from Olena Bilous. If you try cooking Ukrainian dishes at home, send us pictures in the comments below!

In this Ukrainian Lesson you will:

  • listen to my brief introduction in Ukrainian;
  • listen to the master class about how to cook varenyky in Ukrainian;
  • get your teacher’s explanations about the new vocabulary;
  • learn how to use the imperative mood in Ukrainian in the second person plural;
  • conjugate the verb of the day: готувати;
  • discover the idiom of the day: голодний як вовк;
  • learn more about origin and types of varenyky in Ukraine in the Cultural Fact section (in English).

Become a premium member to receive the Lesson Notes. The PDF for this episode includes:

  • Full transcript & translation of the brief introduction and the main text;
  • Grammar / Vocabulary: table of the imperative mood in Ukrainian;
  • The verb of the day: the conjugation chart of the verb of the day;
  • The idiom of the day: this episode’s idiom definition and examples;
  • Bonus Exercises to practice the new words and grammar;
  • Vocabulary List: new words from the episode in a chart with English translation.