ULP 3-85 Голосове повідомлення №1 (Повторення) – Voice message №1 (Review episode)

Готові до повторення? This is the first review episode of Season 3. Listen to голосове повідомлення – a voice message from Khrystyna to her mom filled with vocabulary and idioms from the previous four episodes.

In this Ukrainian Lesson you will:

  • listen to my brief introduction in Ukrainian;
  • listen to the voice message from Khrystyna;
  • answer the question about the text you’ve heard;
  • conjugate the verb of the day: запрошувати;
  • discover the idiom of the day: отакої!
  • learn more about українська гостинність – Ukrainian hospitality.

Transcript, Vocabulary List, and Flashcards!

Become a premium member to receive the Lesson Notes. The PDF for this episode includes:

  • Full transcript & translation of the brief introduction and main text;
  • Questions and answers: worksheet to fill in with the answers to the questions + suggested answers;
  • The verb of the day: the conjugation chart of the verb of the day;
  • The idiom of the day: this episode’s idiom definition and examples;
  • Bonus Exercises to practice the new words and idioms from the previous 4 episodes;
  • Vocabulary List: new words from the episode in a chart with English translation.