ULP 2-64 | Нова радість стала | Ukrainian Christmas Carol

Learn and sing a Ukrainian Christmas carol with your teacher on Ukrainian Lessons Podcast! Нова радість стала is one of the most popular Christmas songs in Ukraine, so you could impress Ukrainians by performing it. З Новим Роком і Різдвом Христовим!

In this Ukrainian Lesson you will:

  • listen to my introduction to this святковий урок;
  • learn a popular Ukrainian Christmas carol Нова радість стала with your teacher’s explanations and singing!
  • listen to this Ukrainian Christmas carol performed by a group of children (you can watch it below too!)
  • discover the difference between колядки і щедрівки – kinds of Christmas songs in Ukraine.

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  • Full transcript & translation of all the Ukrainian parts of the introduction and Christmas carol;
  • Bonus Exercise: practice identifying the cases we’ve learned on the podcast in Нова радість стала!
  • Vocabulary List:  important words from the episode in a chart with English translation.

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