ULP 1-30 | Review 21-29 – My travels in Ukrainian

It’s time for the review! In this 30th episode, listen to your teacher’s Anna’s story about her travels in Ukrainian. Answer some questions about the understanding and practice recognizing and using the vocabulary and grammar points you’ve learned over the last 10 Ukrainian Lessons.

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In this Ukrainian Lesson you will:

  • listen to Anna’s story about her подорожі – travels last year;
  • challenge yourself with some questions about the story you listened;
  • learn some new words and phrases to talk about your trips in Ukrainian;
  • get 3 ideas of Anna’s favorite places to travel in Ukraine and learn why you should go there

Transcript, Vocabulary Lists, and Flashcards!

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  • Transcript and translation of the text;
  • Questions about the text with answers;
  • 3 Test Exercises to practice and review what you’ve learned during the lessons 21-29;
  • Vocabulary List: all new Ukrainian words and phrases from the lesson;
  • Bonus Vocabulary List: more useful words to talk about the time.