ULP 1-26 | Talking about traveling – Past tense in Ukrainian

In this episode of the Ukrainian Lessons Podcast, listen to the conversation about traveling in different countries, learn and practice how to use the nouns in Locative case and the verb ‘to be’ in the past tense in Ukrainian.

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In this Ukrainian Lesson you will:

  • listen to the conversation between two Ukrainians about their traveling experience;
  • learn the basics about the past tense in Ukrainian;
  • learn the adverbs to talk about the seasons of the year;
  • review and learn more about the Locative case in Ukrainian (both singular and plural);
  • practice responding the question “Have you been to… ?” in Ukrainian 
  • discover the Ukrainians’ most popular countries to visit!

Check out also our infographics about the past tense in Ukrainian.

Transcript, Vocabulary Lists and Bonus Materials

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  • Bonus Exercise to practice using the past tense with the locative case;
  • Vocabulary List: all the words and phrases from the lesson;
  • Bonus Vocabulary List: more vocabulary related to traveling.

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