ULP 1-24 | What a surprise! Second conjugation in Ukrainian

Learn the verbs of the second conjugation in Ukrainian in the context of a phone conversation between two native Ukrainian speakers. Have something to say about the podcast or have a special request? Leave a comment below!

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In this Ukrainian Lesson you will:

  • listen to a phone conversation in Ukrainian;
  • discover practically everything you need to know about the second conjugation in Ukrainian;
  • practice using the second conjugation most common verbs in the present tense;
  • discover the concept of double negation in Ukrainian language;
  • learn how to express your surprise in Ukrainian!

Transcript, Vocabulary Lists and Bonus Materials

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  • 9 tables of the 2nd conjugation verbs;
  • Bonus Exercise to practice using the second conjugation in Ukrainian;
  • Vocabulary List: all the words and phrases from the lesson;
  • Bonus Vocabulary List: more common second conjugation verbs.

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