ULP 1-01 | Informal Greetings in Ukrainian – Podcast

Ukrainian Lessons Podcast Episode #1 is online! It’s an introduction to this series of podcasts and it’s about greetings in Ukrainian. Are you excited to get more episodes of this Ukrainian Lessons Podcast course for beginners? Subscribe not to miss your free weekly Ukrainian lessons.

In this first episode of Ukrainian Lessons Podcast you will learn:

  • about the Ukrainian Lessons Podcast goals;
  • greetings in Ukrainian in the informal situation;
  • first words Ukrainian friends say when they meet;
  • different ways to say “also”, “too”;
  • how do Ukrainians really respond to the “How are you?” question.

You’ll be able to practice your knowledge too!

I’ve also prepared a free PDF guide with the text of the dialogues, phrases, and words mentioned. Also, it contains an exercise for more practice and some bonus vocabulary on the same topic. Get it for free by signing up here.